The Walking Dead: Dead City: AMC Drops Official Synopsis, Hints At New Dangers Maggie, Negan Will Face

Credit: STREAM WARS/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: STREAM WARS/YouTube Screenshot

AMC has dropped the official synopsis of The Walking Dead: Dead City, hinting at the new dangers Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) will face as they begin their journey in Manhattan.

Fans are about to see the continuation of the mortal-enemies-turned-allies Maggie and Negan in The Walking Dead: Dead City. After coming to an understanding and making peace in The Walking Dead finale, will their reconciliation last?

The Walking Dead: Dead City Official Synopsis

AMC has now released the spinoff series’ official synopsis, revealing the future of Maggie and Negan as they start their new lives in Manhattan, per ScreenRant.

It confirms that the show will feature a time jump after the TWD finale, and they will be on a dangerous journey going to a city that has long been isolated after the zombie apocalypse begins.

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The two will face new threats, from encountering a notorious killer to dealing with their personal issues after what they have been through in the past.

Read the synopsis below,

“Years have passed since we last saw Maggie and Negan and they must now form a tenuous alliance in order to accomplish a dangerous mission. Maggie and Negan journey to the island of Manhattan, which, having been isolated since the beginning of the walker apocalypse, has developed its own unique threats.

While in the city, Maggie and Negan encounter native New Yorkers, evade a marshal with a troubled past, and hunt down a notorious killer. But as the pair moves deeper into the gritty depths of the walker-infested city, it becomes apparent that the traumas of their tumultuous past may prove just as great a threat as the dangers of the present.”

New Showrunner’s Take on The Walking Dead: Dead City

The Walking Dead: Dead City will only be composed of six episodes, set two years after the TWD finale.

Eli Jorné has been set as its showrunner, and the producer Scott Gimple has nothing but good words about him.

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“Eli has created a chaotic, beautiful, grimy madhouse of the dead for Negan, Maggie, and fans of the show eager to discover an unseen and insane world of the TWD Universe,” he said, per Bloody Disgusting.

“Lauren and Jeffrey have always been fantastic collaborators, and now, we bring that collaboration to the next level with a series that will take these characters to their limits with the world — and each other,” he continued. “All of us are thrilled to take you on an all-new, all-different TWD epic for the ages.”

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The Walking Dead: Dead City will premiere in April.

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