The Walking Dead #192 Confirms That (SPOILERS) is Dead

The Walking Dead #191 had one of the biggest cliffhangers in comic book history, showing Rick Grimes, our lead character for more than a decade, getting shot in the stomach. Well, cue to The Walking Dead #192 and thanks to Deadline, we know one thing; Rick Grimes is dead. He might still be alive in the AMC-verse, where the character will star in a few movies, but the long-time comic book character has officially kicked the bucket.

According to Deadline, TWD #192 gave Rick one hell of a sad fate. Not only was he killed by Sebastian Milton; the son of Commonwealth leader Pamela Milton, who had just unseated Rick in the latest safe community his group has found. However, him being shot wasn't the sad part as that was saved for his son Carl.

Carl Grimes finds the crime scene and sees that his father has become one of the walkers. So what happens next? You guessed it, Carl is forced to gun down his father, who comes after him now that he is a brainless walker who knows nothing but to eat. It's honestly the worst kind of fate that could have happened to Rick but fits perfectly with the tragic world of The Walking Dead.

Rick Grimes is dead. It looks like Carl will be the main focus now.

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Credit: Image Comics/Skybound

The Walking Dead #192 is now available in comic book stores.

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