The Uncanny Counter Webtoon: Where to Read the English Version

The Uncanny Counter webtoon
Credit: Tapas

The Uncanny Counter webtoon
Credit: Tapas

The Uncanny Counter is just one of the many Kdramas that have been adapted from a webtoon. Now that Season 2 has come to an end, you may want to start reading The Uncanny Counter webtoon.

But the question is, where can you read the webtoon in English? In this article, we'll guide you through the webtoon. We'll also discuss how accurate the show is to its source material.

Where to Read The Uncanny Counter Webtoon in English?

The Uncanny Counter cast
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The Uncanny Counter is based on an original Daum webtoon called Amazing Rumor. It was created by Jang Yi/ Jang e.

The series follows a group hunting for evil spirits to send back to hell. The lead character, So Mun, is a young man who gets chosen as a Counter without being in a coma.

The webtoon is available to read via Kakao in South Korea. In the US, the webtoon can be read in English via Tapas or Mangatoto.

The webtoon is called The Amazing Rumor because the translation of the original title refers to the name of the main character, So Mun. The interpretation for his name reads "Rumor."

The webtoon is ongoing right now. There are three seasons available right now:

  • Season 1: 60 episodes
  • Season 2: 62 episodes
  • Season 0: (currently only 7 episodes)

Season 0 is actually a prequel and follows the story of Choi Jang-mul, the first Counter of South Korea who is also the bankroller of the team. It's interesting to see his side of things since we only see him pop up in a few scenes in the series.

How Accurate Is the Kdrama Series to the Webtoon?

The Uncanny Counter Season 1
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Credit: Studio Dragon | OCN | Netflix

To be fair, a number of webtoons do not stay completely faithful to their source material. The live-action version of The Uncanny Counter does this too.

One of the differences between the show and the webtoon is that Mun has lost his hand in one of the episodes. An evil spirit cuts it off while they are fighting. Thankfully, Ms. Cho is able to mend it without causing damage.

It's also important to note that the first season of the webtoon had a cliffhanger ending. The epilogue scene from the original webtoon was not included. And this is something that hinted at the upcoming season.

The epilogue scene in the webtoon ended in a prison setting with a guard asking for help. It is then revealed that Ma Ju-seok was causing the chaos. This scene was not part of the first season of the show.

For the second season, the series follows the webtoon with its villains. But one important change that happened is that they have changed their cover to a social welfare organization instead of a noodle shop.

There are plenty of other changes that are in the webtoon. If you are interested, you can check out the webtoon to continue reading what happens to our favorite Counters.

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