The Suicide Squad's Latest Teaser Seemingly Hints at Harley Quinn's New Romance with [SPOILERS]

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Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Fans of the DC Extended Universe are pretty hyped for James Gunn's The Suicide Squad and judging by the stuff we've seen so far, it's safe to assume that it'll be much different than David Ayer's version of the film. Things are a bit confusing, however, as the film is being advertised as part-"soft reboot" and part-continuation of the 2016 comic book flick.

The last time we saw Harley Quinn, she was mending her broken heart following her split with The Joker. She even formed an unlikely alliance with the Birds of Prey but in The Suicide Squad, it looks like Mistah J's trusty henchwoman is truly coming into her own.

Not only that, the upcoming DCEU film may actually explore a new romantic pairing as HBO Max's new "Same Day Premiere" trailer is teasing a budding romance between Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn and Rick Flagg played by Joel Kinnaman. It's still a stretch, quite frankly, but if you'll notice the way the two squad members look at each other, it may be a direct hint that something is definitely going on between them. Check it out here:

The absence of The Clown Prince of Crime in the film is quite intriguing considering the fact that he was a central figure in 2016's version of the film. Whether it's intentional or not, we still don't know for sure but something tells me that Joker and Harley are far from done in the DCEU. It'll be interesting though if Rick Flag actually ends up becoming Harley's new love interest because the two characters were never an item in the comics.

The Suicide Squad premieres this year in theaters and on HBO Max.

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