Is Dragon Ball Super Anime Returning in 2022?

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Is Dragon Ball Super anime series planning to return this year? While fans are already excited for the next feature-length film, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, fans are wondering if the Dragon Ball Super anime series will return with new episodes after the series concluded with the finale of the Universal Survival Arc that originally aired in March 2018. Now, it looks like Toei Animation has big plans for the Akira Toriyama's popular shonen franchise.

Dragon Ball Super
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Credit: Toei Animation
Dragon Ball Super

In the latest edition of Weekly Dragon Ball News on the official Dragon Ball website, executive producer Akio Iyoku talked about the release of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero to hype up one of the most highly-anticipated anime films of 2022. Iyoku also shared a major tease that there's a "chance" that "something other than the movie" will be arriving this year as well.

"I'm currently working hard to get everything finished on the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, whose release date has been confirmed for April 22nd in Japan!," Iyoku said. "I think the movie is just incredible, especially the animation. [Series creator Akira Toriyama] is really pleased with it! It's all-new animation, so, everyone please wait a little while longer until it's finished." Finally, he shared the biggest tease, "There's also a chance that something other than the movie will be coming this year too, so let's make this year another great year for Dragon Ball together!"

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Could this be the return of Dragon Ball Super anime TV series that fans are hoping for? After all, the Dragon Ball Super manga series by Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou is still ongoing, and the anime series that concluded in March 2018 only covered up to the Universal Survival Arc. Two arcs have been released since then, and now, fans are wondering if Toei Animation will adapt them.

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