The Secret of the Greco Family: Is It a True Story?

The Secret of the Greco Family
Credit: Netflix

The Secret of the Greco Family
Credit: Netflix

Netflix has released a new true crime drama that has catapulted itself to fame. The Secret of the Greco Family is a Mexican crime drama show that was inspired by real-life kidnappings done by a wealthy Argentinian family in the 80s.

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What Is The Secret of the Greco Family About?

The Secret of the Greco Family
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Credit: Netflix

The Secret of the Greco Family, or El Secreto de la Familia Greco in Mexican, was created by Luis and Sebastián Ortega and directed by Alejandro Ciancio. The show is based on an Argentinian miniseries entitled Historia de un clan, which unveils the horrors that the Puccio family hid from the public eye for three years. The Netflix show has a total of 9 episodes, each with a runtime of approximately 45-60 minutes.

The official synopsis of The Secret of the Greco Family reads:

"A seemingly perfect family secretly kidnaps wealthy people for ransom in order to maintain their high standard of living and social status. Based on a true story."

The show follows the criminal activities of the Puccio family, who kidnapped, tortured, and murdered their victims in exchange for ransom money. These crimes were committed in Argentina between 1982 and 1985.

Who Were the Puccio Family?

The Secret of the Greco Family family photo
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Credit: Netflix

The Puccio family was a respected family in San Isidro, Argentina in the 80s. They lived in a wealthy neighborhood and seemed like a typical family. But secretly, the family, led by Arquimedes Puccio, kidnapped rich people and asked for a ransom. Together with his two sons and three acquaintances, they kidnapped, tortured, and murdered their victims.

But who are the rest of the family members?

  • Arquimedes Puccio - an accountant, lawyer, and entrepreneur
  • Epifania Calvo
  • Alejandro Rafael - a famous football player who played for the Argentinian national rugby union team
  • Silvia - an art teacher
  • Daniel
  • Guillermo
  • Adriana

The Netflix show depicts that Arquimedes had four children. 2 girls and 2 boys. But in real life, the family had another son, who the authorities never caught and is still missing today.

How Many Were the Puccio Family’s Victims?

The Secret of the Greco Family wearing a mask
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Credit: Netflix

Publications believed that the Puccio family started to kidnap people in the late 70s while they helped the secret service. This was during the Dirty War when the dictator in Argentina would abduct activists that opposed them. Years later, the family started to operate the kidnappings once again and make money to fund their lifestyle.

The family managed to kidnap a total of four people between 1982 and 1985. From that number, they killed three people for not paying a ransom.

Did the Puccio Family Get Caught?

Alejandro Puccio in The Secret of the Greco Family
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Credit: Netflix

It is learned that the family members involved in the criminal activities of Arquimedes were Alejandro and Daniel. The other family members were never charged with a crime. There were three other accomplices that were arrested with the family in 1985. They were caught while collecting the ransom money paid for the last victim they kidnapped.

Meanwhile, Guillermo left his family and the country before arrests were made. Nobody knows where he is right now.

Where Is the Puccio Family Now?

Arquimedes Puccio in The Secret of the Greco Family
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Credit: Netflix

Arquimedes and Alejandro both received life sentences. In 2007, Alejandro was paroled but died of pneumonia a year later. Arquimedes, on the other hand, died of a stroke in prison in 2013.

While Daniel was imprisoned for a few years, he got arrested in Brazil in 2019 for carrying falsified documents. He paid a fine and got released.

The eldest daughter, Silvia, died of cancer in 2011.

The matriarch, Epifania Calvo, and Adriana are both still alive today and continue to live in San Isidro. Guillermo fled Argentina before the arrests. His whereabouts and situation continue to be unknown.

The Secret of the Greco Family is currently streaming on Netflix. You can watch the trailer here:

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