The Sandman Series Unveils Trailer Showing The Waking World

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Credit: Netflix

One of the most awaited series to get an update on Netflix Geeked Week is The Sandman and it finally revealed new details on the upcoming show with a new trailer featuring Tom Sturridge as the titular character in the waking world and the release date of the show.

The new trailer of The Sandman unveils the waking world as the titular character walks the waking world in an exciting tease of what is in store for the show. The clip unveils the first look of Tom Sturridge as the titular character.

The Sandman trailer also revealed the release date of the upcoming Netflix series and it will be arriving on the streaming platform much sooner than later, on August 5, 2022.

Based on the novels of Neil Gaiman, The Sandman will be revolving around the god of dreams, Dream of the Endless, which transcends the boundaries of human comprehension. It will be circling around the stories of how Morpheus, the Dream King, is captured and he learns that change is inevitable.

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Tom Sturridge will take the lead role of Sandman, Dream of the Endless, and Viviene Acheampong who will be Lucienne, chief librarian of The Dreaming, whose character is a male in the comics as Lucien. Gwendoline Christie plays Lucifer.

Boyd Holbrook will be The Corinthian, an escaped nightmare, who will be haunting the dreams who broke away and went to the waking world. Charles Dance, co-actor of Christie in Game of Thrones, will be Roderick Burgess, a human magician, and charlatan.

Sanjeev Bhaskar will portray Cain and Asim Chaudhry will be his brother, Abel, whose characters are pulled straight out the Bible as the sons of Adam and Eve, and will be in The Dreaming as the first murderer and the first victim.

The Sandman is set to release on August 5, 2022, only on Netflix.

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