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The Sandman: Neil Gaiman Has Big Plans for Comic's Trans Character Wanda in Season 2

There is little doubt that people are already looking forward to new stories in The Sandman Season 2. After all, the first season already covered a lot of the original comic's popular story arcs and fans are expecting the next season to introduce more of its interesting characters. Not surprisingly, Neil Gaiman already has big Season 2 plans for the comic book's transgender woman Wanda Mann.

Neil Gaiman had previously spoken to Logo where he admitted that he is hoping to introduce Wanda Mann in The Sandman Season 2.

"Wanda is an absolutely integral part of The Sandman universe and A Game of You. And if we're lucky enough to make Season 2, Wanda will be a huge, huge part... It's going to be so much fun casting fabulous trans actors," Gaiman had said.

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Now that The Sandman has been renewed for a second season, there is a huge chance that Gaiman will be taking the necessary steps to show Wanda's story properly. Back in 2020, the American Gods author stated that trans people should work on the adaptation of A Game of You.

"My biggest request to the Sandman showrunner for when we get to the season with Game of You in it is that we have trans men and trans women in the writers' room," Gaiman said. "Not as consultants, but as writers."

This is important considering that trans representation is integral in A Game of You. In the 1993 storyline, Wanda's parents refuse to accept her trans identity and bury her as a man with her deadname. It's a sensitive subject that needs the voice of the trans community.

For now, the casting for Wanda in The Sandman Season 2 has not yet been announced. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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