The Rose of Versailles Announces New Anime Movie with First Trailer

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Credit: Riyoko Ikeda / Shueisha

While battle shonen anime movies are all the rage, a classic shoujo anime manga is finally getting some love. Recently, the iconic shoujo series The Rose of Versailles announced a new anime movie.

The announcement was made via the film’s new official Twitter account and website. There, a new trailer was released, along with a key visual and some details. More info is also going to be revealed at a September event.

To coincide with the movie’s announcement, series creator Riyoko Ikeda shared a hand-drawn illustration via the movie’s Twitter account.

The illustration features the two main characters, Marie Antoinette and Oscar François de Jarjayes. It also came with a message from Ikeda saying that she is “filled with surprise and joy” and that a new anime project is coming soon.

Ikeda is a renowned Japanese manga artist who was one of the most popular mangakas in the 1970s for her work on various shoujo manga. But her biggest hit is no doubt The Rose of Versailles.

You can also check out the new announcement trailer for the film here:

In case you’re unfamiliar, The Rose of Versailles is a manga series that was initially serialized in the magazine, Margaret, from May 1972 to December 1973. While successful, the series had a short run due to a drop in readership after certain events.

Though in 2013, the manga was revived by Shueisha. Its second serialization took place from April 2013 to February 2018.

As the title implies, the manga is set in France before and during the French Revolution. Specifically, it follows the story of Princess Marie Antoinette of Austria who is to be wed to Crown Prince Louis XVI.

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Upon her arrival to the country, Marie Antoinette meets Oscar Fançois de Jarjayes, the Royal Guard’s Commander. While Oscar is raised as a man, she desires to live her life as a woman, but she reluctantly accepts serving Marie Antoinette.

Soon, Oscar grows to resent the new queen, especially for her frivolous actions while the French citizens suffer.

While the manga had a short run, the series is revered as a classic and has gone on to become a major source of inspiration for future shoujo manga and anime.

The new movie isn’t the first anime project in the series though. There was a 40-episode TV anime that aired from October 1979 to September 1980.

As for the film, the upcoming The Rose of Versailles anime movie has no release date yet.


Though more information will be revealed at a 50th-anniversary exhibition on September 17, including character designs and a teaser visual (via Comic Natalie).

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