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The Rookie Season 5 Spoilers, News & Update: New Schedule Appears To Spell Trouble For ABC's Cop Drama

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Nathan Fillion's police procedural will return to its original Tuesday nighttime slot, albeit at an earlier slot. After finishing the night at 10 p.m. during its first season, The Rookie Season 5 will now begin at 8 p.m., leading right into The Rookie: Feds (which moves from 10 pm to 9 pm).

What a Schedule Change Could Mean for The Rookie Season 5

This isn't always the case, but when a network changes the day a show airs, it might be disastrous for the show. Fans will notice this when a show is pushed to Fridays, which is when television series die. So the fact that The Rookie Season 5 is shifting from Sundays to Tuesdays, both of which are relatively high-performing days, is a good sign.

However, we know that The Rookie has been on the edge of cancellation previously, so this decision might be a last-ditch effort to raise ratings. Or, ABC might be teaming The Rookie up with The Rookie: Feds to improve its spinoff’s appeal.

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The Rookie outperforms The Rookie: Feds, which is to be expected. So it's possible that the decision was made to encourage fans of the original series to watch the spinoff rather than because it was about to be cancelled.

Fans of The Rookie: Feds should be concerned about the show's future because we believe that Season 5 will not be the final season.

The Rookie Season 5 Return Date

The Rookie Season 5 has begun a month-long hiatus following the midseason finale, which aired on December 4. The Rookie will return on Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2023, at 8 p.m. ET.

ABC is showing a crossover between the two series to kick off the year. However, the network will keep them together for the rest of their respective seasons.

Long gone are the days of The Rookie on Sundays. The series will now return to its original home on Tuesdays to continue the second half of Season 5. Season 1 aired only on Tuesdays until Season 2, when it was moved to Sundays.

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What to Expect When The Rookie Season 5 Returns

The synopsis for The Rookie Season 5 Episode 10 or The Rookie: Feds Season 1 Episode 10 has yet to be released by ABC. The premise of the upcoming crossover, however, is known thanks to a preview.

A heist group, who seem to get away with robbing a bank, also grabs a list that contains the identities of undercover FBI agents. The LAPD and the FBI work together to apprehend these criminals, but they face danger along the way.

Someone slips up behind Simone Clark and begins choking her with a rope-like device in one preview. In another video, one of the suspects drives into Tim Bradford and Aaron Thorsen's car, attempting to push them off a tall building.

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While fans of the ABC drama series will have to wait until 2023 for new episodes, thankfully, the new year is only a few weeks away.

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