20 Jun 2017 5:03 PM +00:00 UTC

The Power Rangers Movie Is A Giant Krispy Kreme Commercial In New Honest Trailer

I was ultimately disappointed with the new Power Rangers when it came out earlier this year, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one. Like always, ScreenJunkies on Youtube has come up with another Honest Trailer for Saban’s Power Rangers reboot, and it does not hold back any punches.

For one, I forgot just how much product placement Krispy Kreme had in the movie. For that much attention in the script, I’m guessing the donut company had to pay for half the movie or something.


There’s also the fact that the characters seem to mix and match edgy teen traits like Trini being a “Death Metal Yoga Lesbian” or Zack being a “trailer park Asian Wildcard hobo.” I have to give props to the guy who plays Jason though; I admit he makes the jock type character likeable despite the stereotype that the jock is always a villain in most teen movies.

I also think that a huge problem of the film is that it kind of takes itself too seriously despite being based on a series that is known for being campy. The moment where it really feels like Power Rangers was when they all gear-up to battle Rita Repulsa with the Zords, but that’s like, the last 30 percent of the movie.

Hopefully the sequel will know better—if we get a sequel that is.

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