The Patient Season 2: Creators Weigh in on Show’s Possible Return

Credit: FX Networks/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: FX Networks/YouTube Screenshot

The Patient has seen its tragic end with a major death that no one expects to happen. But as the finale seems to leave the door open for Sam's (Domhnall Gleeson) story to continue, will there be The Patient Season 2?

The Patient was billed as a limited series, but fans couldn't help but clamor for The Patient Season 2. So, will the show be renewed or not?

Warning: The following content contains major The Patient season finale spoilers. Read at your own risk.

The Talks About The Patient Season 2

In an interview with TVLine, series creators Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg revealed if they were thinking of doing a second season for the series.

"It's been a fruitful source of many jokes," Weisberg said. "Really, we had a hundred good jokes about what Season 2 could be, but not a single serious discussion."

For started, Alan (Steve Carell) was desperate to escape after Sam chained him up in the basement for years.

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He held a shiv to the throat of Sam's mom, Candace (Linda Emond), and threatened to kill her if Sam wouldn't turn himself in.

As the two struggled, Sam ended up strangling Alan to his death. Later, Sam chained himself up in the basement to stop himself from killing anyone again.

"I think it'd be good for Hulu to have a 'My Stuff,' you know, that little thing you 'save this for later?', Fields added. "There should be one for Sam. Like, this is what Sam's watching. He really likes What We Do in the 'Shadows."

What Will Happen to Sam?

As the first season finale didn't reveal what will happen to Sam, many want to know what's next for the serial killer.

"Well, again, I think this is a question about story that takes place after we're done writing," Fields explained. "And really, those are the questions we're excited and enthusiastic for everybody to be discussing afterwards."

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"I think that last scene of him shackling himself is us asking that question," Weisberg continued.

Will Alan Return to The Patient Season 2

Fans witnessed Alan's death in the first season finale, but avid fans couldn't help but ask if the doctor would return to the potential The Patient Season 2.

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"I think Sam would do a similar thing [to Strauss talking to his own therapist in his mind] and would visit Strauss in his mind," Gleeson told Decider. "But it would be his version of Strauss because he doesn't have Strauss's expertise."

So far, FX has yet to announce The Patient's renewal for a second season.

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