The Other Wookie In Solo: A Star Wars Story Revealed

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Warning: This article contains mild spoilers for Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Chewbacca might be Han Solo's partner, but it looks like everyone's favorite walking carpet isn't the only Wookie in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Another Wookie appeared in the final trailer for Lucasfilm's upcoming spinoff, sharing a tender moment with Chewie during the middle of a firefight. The scene caused quite a stir among fans, many speculating that the Wookie could very well be Mallatobuck/ Malla, Chewie's wife in the now defunct Star Wars Legends.

Speaking in an interview with Screen Rant director Ron Howard has just recently confirmed the identity of the mysterious Wookie in the final trailer of Solo, agreeing to make a statement on whether or not the Wookie is Malla.

"I'm going to actually say no. I'm going to try not to give away any spoilers, but I'm going to actually say no. No. No, it's not Malla."

In a separate interview with the same publication, Solo screenwriters Lawrence Kasdan and his son Jon Kasdan went on to confirm Howard's statement, saying that the Wookie wasn't Malla but instead a new character named Sagwa.

"It's not Malla. In fact that is a different character. In fact, we could tell you the name of that character. That was Sagwa. And he was always in the script. There was always a version of that character in the script."

According to Kasdan, Sagwa is a "bit of a stoner" whose personality is a bit "like Bill and Ted." The scene in the trailer might seem romantic to some, but to Kasdan, Sagwa's just really friendly and touchy-feely. Guess fans won't be able to see Chewie's wife in Solo after all.

Solo: A Star Wars Story premieres May 25.

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