The Original Wolverine Returns to Ongoing Comics This September

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(Marvel Comics/Oliver Coipel)

After he returned in last year's Marvel Legacy, fans have been wondering about Wolverine and when they would know more about his return. Some of these questions are being answered by the various Hunt for Wolverine comics and the August solicitations have revealed that they will all come to an end with Hunt for Wolverine: Dead Ends #1.

Which then leads to a brand-new Wolverine #1 in September.


Dead Ends is the culmination of each Hunt for Wolverine series, so it's definitely a must-buy for anyone collecting them or just a fan of Wolverine in general. While the title sounds like a bit of a downer, here's hoping that it finally answers how he comes back to life. The character has also popped up in Infinity Countdown, though that didn't tackle these questions.

No creative team was named for the new ongoing series as it was only briefly mentioned in the solicitation of Dead Ends. It's worth noting that Charles Soule is writing that one-shot and he is also the same person who wrote the Death of Wolverine mini-series. He's definitely a possible candidate, though we can't wait for sure.

Hunt for Wolverine: Dead Ends #1 comes out in August, while Wolverine #1 hits shelves this September.

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