Marvel Announces 'Post-Credit Scenes' For Extermination Event

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It seems like the X-Men will never have a happy future. Marvel's not-so-merry band of mutants can never seem to have happy days ahead of them, with their futures always revolving around their race almost being extinct. That trend continues with Extermination and Marvel is getting fans ready for it by adding all-new post-credit scenes in upcoming X-Men comics.

These scenes will reveal how this latest dark future came to be, with Extermination writer Ed Brisson writing them and Oscar Bazaldua illustrating for him. The first scene was shown on X-Men Gold #27 to the surprise of many since the one-page sequence wasn't advertised at the time.

(Marvel Comics)

Marvel revealed the Countdown to Extermination, with the following titles having these post-credit sequences:

As for the actual event itself, Extermination #1 will be coming out in August. Brisson will be writing the series, while Avengers: No Surrender artist Pepe Larraz joins him.

This isn't the first time Marvel announced post-credit scenes for their comics. When Wolverine first returned on the pages of Marvel Legacy #1, they announced the Where is Wolverine post-credit sequences that appeared earlier this year. All of these lead to the Hunt for Wolverine, though we still don't know how he came back to life.

Extermination #1 comes to comic book stores this August.

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