The New Mutants Will Not be Rated R and it Never Had Plans to Be

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The New Mutants is looking to be one hell of a farewell to the Fox X-Men movies, with a lot of people looking forward to the horror aesthetic, which hasn't really been done in a Marvel film yet. Due to the difference in genre, a lot of fans are hoping that we'll be getting another R rated X-Men movie from the studio.

Josh Boone, the film's director, has told fans on Instagram that The New Mutants is PG-13 and was never going to be Rated R. We're sure some fans will be disappointed with this since the superhero movies that are Rated R tend to be more creative and have funnier jokes, look at the success of Deadpool 2, but there's nothing wrong with having a solid PG-13 movie with good writing.

Most horror movies tend to be PG-13 anyway so this shouldn't be a problem with anyone who wants to watch the film. There is an annoying section of fans who feel that any comic book film that's PG-13 will only appeal to the Marvel/Disney crowd but it's clear that this isn't the case. The New Mutants looks like a pretty promising movie and we can only hope it lives up to our expectations.

After numerous delays, The New Mutants will finally be coming out on April 3. The movie was supposed to come out last year.

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