The New Mutants Trailer May Have Revealed This Beloved X-Men Character

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Marvel and Fox finally released a trailer for The New Mutants, which managed to impress fans with its horror-like tone and intriguing premise. Naturally, fans have been looking for some cool Easter Eggs that almost-always appear in trailers for comic book movies. Though most of us were quite happy to see Magik's armor teased, along with her sick limbo sword, fans have since discovered another fan-favorite X-Men character in the trailer; Lockheed the Dragon.

In the trailer's final scene, we see Magik confront the much-ballyhooed Demon Bear. However, fans have noticed a small, dragon-like creature breathing its flame unto the Demon Bear, with most of us assuming that it's Lockheed. I mean, are there any other small dragons in the X-Men universe? Who else could it be?

Lockheed fighting Demon Bear alongside Magik in the New Mutants trailer!

Lockheed's inclusion might seem a bit odd since Kitty Pryde, the character often associated with the dragon, isn't in the movie. The character was originally introduced in the Uncanny X-Men arc that had the team captured by The Brood, though Pryde and Lockheed were soon able to save them. It looks like Lockheed's origins will now be connected to Limbo, which Magik still seems to be the queen of in this movie.

This will be the first X-Men movie to feature Lockheed, which makes sense since those movies often want to tackle social issues and introducing a small dragon from space/Limbo would be a bit weird. With The New Mutants being the last of the Fox/X-Men line of films, it's kind of neat seeing Lockheed appear, even if it will only be for one movie.

The New Mutants is currently slated for an April 3 release.

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