The New Mutants Will be Josh Boone's Original Vision

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The New Mutants lives! That's something a lot of people thought they wouldn't hear since it looked to be canceled after Disney bought Fox but it looks like Josh Boone's horror-filled superhero movie is going to be released later this year. Now that the movie is coming out, fans are wondering if this will be the more horror-oriented version Boone was working on or if this will be the edited version that's filled with reshoots, ala the poorly-received Fantastic Four reboot.

Fans who interacted with Boone on Instagram were able to find out that this would be his original version of the movie, which is going to make a lot of fans happy. Considering how someone like Josh Trank publicly denounced Fantastic Four a day before it came out, news like this is going to keep fans happy since, well, the director is basically happy.


With a new trailer coming out on January 6, it looks like The New Mutants is finally filled with life and we can't wait to see it. Speaking as someone who actually doesn't like horror movies too much, knowing that the director is going to have full control of this movie does make me want to see it.

Plus, how scary can it be? They're going to have superpowers. Surely, they can just blast away all of their enemies right? Then again, I'm prepared to see what horrors Boone has in store for us.

The New Mutants will be coming out on April 3.

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