The New Mutants Director is Open to the Movie Debuting Digitally

When Marvel announced that The New Mutants would have a panel during Comic-Con@Home, many assumed the movie would be coming to Disney+ so people could see it already. That was not the case as it ended up setting a new theatrical release on August 28, with many fans wondering if that release date will end up happening. As we ponder about the future, director Josh Boone did state that he isn't against his movie debuting digitally.

During an interview with, Boone said that he would prefer The New Mutants have a theatrical release but said that if Disney were to suggest a release on digital services, he would not oppose that notion. It's not just Disney+ that the company has after all since they also own Hulu, which is home to a number of exclusive shows like The Runaways, among other things.

"So obviously if we can do it theaters, that's always my first choice. But like Disney came to me and said they were gonna stream it I'd be like awesome. Then everybody can watch it. It'd be great."

Most companies have resorted to VOD releases due to the current pandemic preventing people from leaving their homes. I mean, people can go to the grocery or pick up a DVD, maybe even a video game but the safest thing to do right now is to stay at home. Considering how Disney did release Artemis Fowl on Disney+, many assumed that would happen to The New Mutants but it's clear that they know this movie can make them money.

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Credit: Marvel/Disney/20th Century Studios

The New Mutants will be coming to theaters (hopefully) on August 28.

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