The New JSA Debut in Final Stargirl Trailer

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DC Universe's Stargirl will finally come to the streaming service next week and fans are pretty pumped to check out this series. Looking like a more optimistic take on a DC show when you compare it to the gloomy setting of Titans with some ham from The CW, it's clear that this could end up being a hit if they play their cards right. Thanks to the latest trailer we have our first look at the brand-new JLA and man, they look dorky in the best way possible.

Since these are kids starting out with their superpowers, we don't mind that they look kinda dorky when compared to their predecessors or even the bad guys. What matters is that they have heart and can crack one-liners, which is young superhero 101. We're sure there will be plenty of melodrama and action since that's what everyone expects from these kinds of shows.

We've seen glimpses of this show from trailers and The CW's Crisis on Infinite Earths so we're all looking forward to seeing how all the pieces fit together and if it will make for a quality show. There are two different ways for this show to succeed - DC Universe and The CW - so we hope that the show does well in one of those departments.

Now that we're one week away, we can't wait to see what Stargirl has in-store for fans. The show is going to premiere on DC Universe on May 18 and hit The CW on the next day.

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