DC Universe Reportedly Working on Titans Spin-Off Despite Uncertainty Surrounding the Streaming Service

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Let's face it, despite a number of quality shows and features, it's a miracle that the DC Universe streaming service is still around. While it's given us the continuation of Young Justice we all begged for, a solid Titans series and an endlessly GIFable Harley Quinn animated show, the fact that it only catered to DC fans will always made it too niche for a worldwide audience. Since HBO Max is coming soon and will also have DC content, many feel that the service will either end soon or merge with Max.

However, according to Business Insider, there's still money and effort being put into DC Universe and there are supposedly plans for a Titans spin-off show. Not much else was revealed but they did state that DC Universe will still create content for a year or two so people are definitely going to be interested in seeing what happens next.

Using Titans as a springboard for another show isn't exactly shocking. Doom Patrol was first teased in this series and ended up becoming one of the most popular programs of the streaming service. Warner Bros liked it so much that they ended up adding the first season of Doom Patrol to HBO Max, hinting more at a possible merging between the two.

If DC Universe does end up getting canceled or merging with HBO Max, it will at least go down in history for giving comic book fans quality shows that paid tribute to these iconic heroes. We still have Stargirl to look forward to, which already has a deal to air in The CW after premiering on DC Universe.

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