The Mighty Ducks: Games Changers Season 2: Meet Ducks’ New Coach Colin Cole

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Credit: Disney Plus/YouTube Screenshot

The Mighty Ducks: Games Changers Season 2 will have a new coach after Emilio Estevez’s exit. Josh Duhamel will join the show’s second season as Colin Cole, the new coach of the Ducks.

Colin runs an intense hockey training program for which the Ducks have signed up. That said, Duhamel will replace Estevez’s Gordon Bombay in The Mighty Ducks: Games Changers Season 2.

What Can Josh Duhamel Say in Joining The Mighty Ducks: Games Changers Season 2?

Duhamel admitted he was initially a little scared with a big role to play and a major character to replace.

“Because this is a pretty storied franchise and has a lot of history, and Emilio did such an amazing job all those years playing Gordon Bombay, it was a little intimidating,” he told TVLine. “But at the same time, I was in another world compared to where they were, so they were coming into my world, too.”

True enough, the new season will be set at Cole’s facility in California. So, this will help viewers not to compare the two coaches.

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Duhamel’s Cole will be making his own path in his own place.

“It felt like I had my own domain to make my own mark,” the actor continued. “I didn’t have to live up to any other expectations, so that was scary but challenging. It was one of those jobs that turned out to be just a blast.”

The Reason Behind Emilio Estevez’s Exit

According to ScreenRant, Estevez was originally set to reprise his role as Gordon in The Mighty Ducks: Games Changers Season 2 after the first season had already set up the continuity of his storyline.

Gordon already had a brewing romance with Alex Morrow (Lauren Graham), the Duck’s star player Evan (Brady Noon) mom.

However, he reportedly didn’t comply with the studio’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, resulting in tension with Disney and his exit.

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So, despite being the first season’s executive producer, the studio decided not to let him return to the show because of the dispute.

The Mighty Ducks: Games Changers Season 2 will feature his departure by featuring a change of location and adding Duhamel’s Cole as the new coach.

This will make Gordon’s no-show much easier to explain, knowing he’s one of the major characters in the series.

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The Mighty Ducks: Games Changers Season 2 will premiere on Wednesday, September 28.

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