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The Matrix Star Keanu Reeves Under Fire Over Involvement in Tibet House Benefit

Credit: WB

I think we can all agree that Keanu Reeves is genuinely one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood and it almost feels sacrilegious to say something bad about the star of The Matrix Resurrections because he's just that likable. However, fans in China are expressing their disgust over the actor's involvement in the 2022 edition of the annual Tibet House U.S. Benefit concert and it has led to many of them boycotting the latest installment in The Matrix franchise.

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Credit: WB

Taiwan's Central News Agency reports (via Comic Book Resources) that Chinese nationalists aren't pleased with the Constantine actor's participation in the said benefit which held its inaugural event in 1989 in an effort to preserve Tibetan culture at Dalai Lama's request. To those unaware, the People's Republic of China and Tibet have been embroiled in a huge dispute for years over the region's provincial status. Apparently, feature films that reference Tibet, its people, and its culture are prohibited in the PRC which makes Keanu's appearance at the Tibetan benefit such a huge deal.

Reeves has yet to issue a statement as of writing. Now, given the fact that China plays a vital role at the global box office, it would be a major blow for The Matrix Resurrections to lose its Chinese audience considering the film hasn't been performing well financially speaking.

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Meanwhile, Reeves recently confirmed that he met with Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige to discuss his potential involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, something that the fans have been demanding for years now. While Keanu admits that joining the billion-dollar franchise does sound tempting, he revealed that they have yet to find a project that would appeal to him.

Meanwhile, The Matrix Resurrections is already available for preorder on Blu-ray.

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