The Matrix Star Keanu Reeves Shaves Off Hair and Beard for Anticipated Neo Return

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Credit: Lionsgate

We've long associated Keanu Reeves with his now signature medium-long locks and facial hair combo but after years of getting used to this trademark Keanu look, The Matrix actor has apparently finally shaved 'em off, and it has a lot of people thinking it has something to do with him making his triumphant and anticipated return as Neo in the fourth film.

A new photo of the John Wick star has surfaced online and it sees Keanu and girlfriend Alexandra Grant sharing an intimate moment right before he left, presumably to resume filming for the anticipated film. Gone is his signature look and Keanu is now sporting a more familiar buzz cut and a clean-shaven face. The image was captured and shared by People Magazine, taken in Berlin where the fourth Matrix film is currently being filmed. Of course, avid fans of the sci-fi franchise know that Neo would often sport a buzz cut whenever he's in the real world.

It may seem like nothing to some fans but Keanu's change of look benefits the film more than you'll ever think. Not only that, but it's a welcome return for sure. I mean, if he kept his long hair and beard in the upcoming project, I'm pretty certain most of us would only be reminded of John Wick, right? And we don't want that. Meanwhile, the return of The Matrix franchise has been long overdue and I'm just so stoked to witness it go down all over again. As it stands though, we still know very little about the project so I guess we'll just have to wait a little bit more to find out.

A fifth Matrix film reportedly begins production after filming wraps up for The Matrix 4.

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