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The Marvels: Iman Vellani Breaks Silence on [SPOILER]'s Surprise Cameo

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The Marvels
Credit: Marvel Studios

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for The Marvels, so read at your own risk!

The Marvels featured a couple of cameo appearances from familiar MCU and non-MCU characters with one of them being Hailee Steinfeld's Kate Bishop, who showed up in the final scene of the film before the credits rolled.

During her brief moment in the film, she was recruited by Kamala Khan to form a new group featuring the younger heroes in the MCU. It was an exciting tease for fans since it suggested that there is a Young Avengers project coming in the future.

The scene was also a parallel to the post-credits scene of Iron Man when Nick Fury was recruiting Tony Stark to form the Avengers. This time around, Kamala took Fury's spot in the recruitment phase of the team and it's interesting to see where they will go next from there.

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Iman Vellani Reacts to Her Scene with Hailee Steinfeld in The Marvels

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Iman Vellani, who plays Kamala Khan, discussed shooting her scene with Steinfeld in The Marvels and her character's role in recruiting members for the Young Avengers.

"There was a version of this in an old script, but we never shot it. And then there were rumors that we were going to get to it in additional photography, but with a different young Avenger. So I never really got the script until right before additional photography and then I flipped out," she said.

"I immediately rewatched Iron Man and texted Nia [DaCosta, director] in all caps. I was like, 'I cannot believe the honor that I am getting right now. This is crazy!' I did not need to rewatch that entire movie, but it didn’t hurt."

Vellani continued, "So I was giddy the entire time. All of us were freaking out. It was also the last scene we shot for the movie, and it is the last scene of the movie."

The actress was bursting with excitement when she rehearsed the scene with Steinfeld.

"Yeah, I couldn’t keep it together. During all of our rehearsals, I was like, 'I feel so cool right now in my baseball cap,' and that trench coat was so cool. I then met Hailee for the first time, and it was a dream. Suddenly, it felt like I was a part of something much bigger," she continued to share.

Fans definitely felt the same excitement as Vellani when they watched the scene in the film since it is the moment that they've been waiting for ever since they started introducing the younger heroes in Phase Four.

It's exciting to see now where it will go in the next couple of projects and which other characters will they also recruit to the team as well as whether their team-up project will be a film or a TV show. Hopefully, we'll get some answers soon.

The Marvels is showing in theaters everywhere.

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