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The Marvels: Disney CEO Explains Why the Box Office Underperformed

Captain Marvel
Credit: Marvel Studios

The Marvels ended up becoming the MCU's first major flop as it has underwhelming box office performance and it is expected to not recoup its massive budget now that it's been a few weeks now since its release in theaters.

There have been a lot of theories surrounding why the movie underperformed whether it's the lack of actors' promotion during its marketing campaign or the so-called "superhero fatigue" that some pundits have suggested since the other comic book movie releases this year also flopped.

The movie's disappointing performance is certainly going to be a wake-up call for Disney and Marvel Studios and it's interesting to see what kind of assessment they will do on the future MCU releases as a result of this.

Now, the CEO of Disney has shared his take on the movie's underwhelming box office.

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Bob Iger Addresses The Marvels' Box Office Disappointment

The Marvels
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Credit: Marvel Studios

In his recent appearance on NYT DealBook Summit 2023 (via The Verge), Disney CEO Bob Iger addressed the disappointing box office performance of The Marvels.

He believed that the actors' strike and the cast's lack of promotion nor the sexist comments from trolls had nothing to do with the box office results that the film received.

Instead, Iger blamed it on the sheer volume of content that they were making during that time and it became difficult for them to assess the quality.

"The Marvels was shot during Covid, and there wasn't enough supervision on set [from executives]," he said.

According to various reports, the MCU film underwent weeks of reshoots during its production although that has always been a norm of the franchise so it's not a surprising part of its behind-the-scenes story.

We will never exactly know why the film's box office results ended up becoming what it was. While Iger's take may have some validity, you can also argue that quality output doesn't necessarily guarantee box office success as we've seen countless times in many movies before.

At the very least, the takeaway here is that Iger is looking closely at the MCU film's performance and it's a lesson learned for them in the company when it comes to their future releases.

The Marvels is still showing in theaters everywhere.

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