The Mandalorian Star Receiving Flak for Urging Businesses and Churches to Re-Open Amid Pandemic

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Gina Carano was a fantastic addition to The Mandalorian and her Cara Dune had kicked all kinds of ass. With Carano having a penchant for online activism (e.g., her nude protest on IG), Carano is now getting flak for a post urging business and churches to open amid the pandemic.

This is her post:

While Carano's intentions may sound noble, a lot of people think that it's irresponsible for her to use her platform to urge these places to open amid the global pandemic. Countries are still slowly trying to get back on their feet with precautions everywhere, and it just seems too soon to suddenly open business, or worse, places of worship where people gather like churches.

Nevertheless, Carano is already getting a lot of criticism for her post:

Then again, Carano has faced haters before, and she has always been defiant. I'm just hoping that this is one fight she will choose to back down on because her stance is very iffy at best. We don't need another J.K. Rowling situation in our hands.

If anything, I think fans who disagree with Carano can still enjoy her character as Cara Dune. I personally disagree with Mark Hamill's takes on The Last Jedi, but I still enjoy him immensely as Luke Skywalker. We as fans just have to be aware of the distinctions between actors and characters.

For now, Carano is expected to return for the second season of The Mandalorian which premieres on Disney+ this coming Oct. 30.

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