The Mandalorian Star Katee Sackhoff Opens Up About Possibly Joining Star Trek

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Credit: Lucasfilm

Katee Sackhoff is currently enjoying the run of her career. After a successful stint in the Star Wars animated universe, the voice behind Bo-Katan Kryze marked her live-action debut in The Mandalorian Season 2 and if you were able to follow the show's story, you would know that Bo-Katan is set to play a more significant role in Season 3 as she and Din Djarin vie for the right to sit on the Mandalore throne.

Some of you may not remember at all but Sackhoff also previously starred in another science-fiction franchise Battlestar Galactica which experience quite a success over a decade ago. Now, the chances of Katee pulling a hat trick is still possible and according to her, she'd be down to join the Star Trek universe.

In an interview with Looper, Sackhoff opened up about the possibility of her jumping ship to the Trek franchise, and judging by her promising statement, it looks like it could indeed happen eventually. The Bo-Katan actress explains: "I mean, I haven't been in Star Trek. That seems to be the one that's still there. That's still there and still exists for the possibility"

While the idea of Sackhoff appearing in all three sci-fi franchises sounds cool, don't expect her to turn up in Star Trek projects anytime soon as it's already been made clear that Bo-Katan will be making her presence felt in more Star Wars projects under the Mandoverse timeline. Considering The Mandalorian is set to run for at least two more seasons, it's almost guaranteed that Sackhoff is currently locked to a Lucasfilm contract.

Speaking of, The Mandalorian Season 3 will reportedly begin production this month.

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