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The Mandalorian Season 3 Reportedly the Worst Season Yet

Credit: Lucasfilm

We're only over a month away from the release of The Mandalorian Season 3 and excitement is already in the air for what's shaping up to be the biggest duel in Mandalore history between Din Djarin and Bo-Katan Kryze. To give you a little refresher, Season 2 ended with a massive cliffhanger when Mando gained possession of the Darksaber from Moff Gideon.

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Credit: Lucasfilm

Unbeknownst to the titular hero, he cannot simply give the mythical weapon back to Bo-Katan as she must win it during battle. The teaser trailer for Season 3 didn't give away much but it sets up the clash between the two Mandalorian warriors.

The plot alone is enough to get any fan stoked but a new report claims that Season 3 might not be as good as the first seasons that came before it. According to an anonymous source who told Making Star Wars new details about the upcoming season, The Mandalorian's latest entry is "a very overworked, mismanaged, disastrous marathon to nowhere".

It remains unclear whether or not the outlet's source has actually seen Season 3 in full or if they're just referencing the show's multiple production setbacks. In case you didn't know, the show was plagued by a number of production delays and reshoots along the way.

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Of course, it's hard to buy into such claims without actually seeing the show for yourself. Personally, I don't think Season 3 will let fans down and I'm pretty sure Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni have surprises in store for longtime viewers of the series. Hopefully, The Mandalorian keeps the momentum going, especially now that the universe is beginning to expand.

The third season of The Mandalorian is hitting Disney+ on March 1, 2023.

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