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The Mandalorian Reveals Unexpected Character Destined to Save Baby Yoda

There's a good reason why people are excited about The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 6. The previous episode had already suggested that there will be a new character who will show up and possibly train Baby Yoda in the ways of the Jedi. However, Chapter 14: The Tragedy turned out quite differently than what fans expected as a familiar face showed up to become Grogu's savior.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers from The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 6. Proceed with caution.

In Chapter 14: The Tragedy, Mando finally brought Baby Yoda to the Jedi Temple on Tython where Grogu immediately began meditating to connect with the Force. Interestingly, it didn't take long before someone responds to the call and it isn't anyone people have been expecting to see in a Jedi Temple.

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Mando is just as surprised to see Boba Fett, especially since he is with a character who was somehow killed in the first season. Nevertheless, Fennec Shand has joined Boba to take back the armor that Mando confiscated from Cobb Vanth in the premiere episode of Season 2.


Sure, Boba isn't there to train Baby Yoda but the whole idea that he traveled all the way from Tatooine to Tython is a huge deal. It gets even more interesting when Grogu is captured by Moff Gideon's Dark Troopers and both Boba and Fennec agree to go on a mission to save The Child.

Does this mean Baby Yoda isn't destined to become a great Jedi? Perhaps his fate is indeed tied to Mando's and that Boba is the one person who can ensure that. Needless to say, we can't wait to see how these unlikely heroes will manage to save Grogu in the next chapter.

The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 6 is now streaming on Disney+.

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