The Mandalorian: Jon Favreau Says Making a Star Wars Movie Would be Too Overwhelming

Jon Favreau basically launched the MCU with his first two Iron Man films, and now he's the showrunner for Disney+'s The Mandalorian. While some people would love to see him tackle a Star Wars film, Favreau himself considers making a film too overwhelming.

Talking to Variety, Favreau explained, "To be part of Disney+ was a great opportunity for me to tell the scale of Star Wars story that I was drawn to. I don't know what I would've wanted to do a Star Wars story at a huge scale because my mind—it's overwhelming. When I worked on Marvel movies, it was Iron Man, Iron Man 2, it was a more human scale, so I like character-driven stuff that might be smaller, and I like special effects that revolve around that."

Favreau compares the smaller scale of The Mandalorian to George Lucas' first Star Wars film and even likens it to an independent movie. If you watch the show, you do get to focus on the gruffer parts of Star Wars rather than the big and grandiose ships and battles that involve the Empire and the Rebellion.

While a lot of people love The Mandalorian as a series, I felt it wasn't really that perfect. Some of the special effects felt like it needed polishing, and I was kind of distracted at how the Ugnaught's mouth didn't match the lines. Nevertheless, I thought it was still fun, and I'm pumped to see where the story goes moving forward.

Catch The Mandalorian now on Disney+.

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