01 Jan 2021 9:10 AM +00:00 UTC

The Mandalorian Image Teases Epic Battle Between Mando and Bo-Katan for Season 3

Credit: Lucasfilm

In case you've missed it, The Mandalorian Season 2's epic finale was successful in cementing what fans should expect to see for the third season and it's almost a guarantee that it will revolve around a grand showdown to determine the true ruler of the Mandalore throne.

In the 16th chapter titled "The Rescue", it was revealed that one can only gain possession of the Darksaber through battle. In the episode, Mando successfully defeated Moff Gideon to retrieve the mythical saber. The original plan was for Bo-Katan to get back the saber from Gideon herself but Din Djarin wasn't aware of how things were supposed to go down and when he was trying to hand over the saber to Katan, she refused.

It was teased that they'd battle it out right then and there and Gideon was even ready to witness them try to kill each other but the attention was eventually diverted to the reappearing Luke Skywalker. With Grogu gone for the time being, there's no doubt that Season 3 will be focused on Mando and Bo-Katan fighting over the Mandalore throne.

Sure, Din already expressed that he has no interest in it and was only after The Child but let's be honest, is there anything he can do? Now, digital artist @ultraraw is hyping up Season 3 with an awesome image depicting the battle between Mando and Bo-Katan. Check it out here:

Baby Yoda's potential absence in The Mandalorian Season 3 could be a make or break scenario for the show considering he's the biggest draw in the series. But I believe it's time that we put the spotlight on Din Djarin himself who has often been sidelined in the show. After all, the show is named after the famed bounty hunter, right?

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