The Mandalorian: Grogu Rumored to Undergo Major Transformation in Season 3

Credit: Lucasfilm

Credit: Lucasfilm

After over a year of speculation, we finally know the path Grogu wants to take in the MandoVerse and it's something that didn't come as a huge shock to a lot of fans. In The Book of Boba Fett's final chapter, the Force-wielding creature was given the option to either stay with Luke Skywalker and continue learning the ways to the Force or reunite with his father-figure Din Djarin and the child chose the latter.

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Credit: Lucasfilm

Turns out, Grogu's allegiance to Mando will be taken to the extreme in Season 3 of The Mandalorian and according to an exciting new rumor, we could see Baby Yoda fight side by side with Din. Making Star Wars recently reported that the third season of the hit Star Wars spinoff show will see Grogu receive his own beskar armor in the form of a resurrected IG-11.

The report claims that Grogu will sit inside the droid's chest and have full control of the armor to "beat the shit" out of Stormtroopers who apparently will be making their official debut in the MandoVerse. As it stands, nothing has been officially confirmed yet so take this hot rumor with a huge grain of salt.

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As if his Force-wielding abilities weren't enough, it looks like Lucasfilm is turning Grogu into a mean fighting machine come the third season. The real question is, why is he going to be involved in Mando's battle and what exactly is this mysterious conflict they'll get into? I guess we'll just have to wait and see. One thing's for certain, Season 3 will up the stakes.

The Mandalorian Season 3 is expected to hit Disney+ later this year.

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