The Mandalorian: Check Out This Amazing IG-11 Cosplay

A lot of people are excited about the release of The Mandalorian on Disney+ next month, and one character that a lot of people are excited about is Taika Waititi's IG-11. Apparently, a fan on Twitter by the handle @MACARONIWARS has tried making a cosplay of IG, and it kind of works.

Check it out:

Admittedly, the onscreen IG-11 isn't a guy in the suit, so you can imagine the cosplayer had to make a few adjustments to pull the costume off. If anything, it's a fantastic effort, and there's a lot of great detail when you look at the outfit.

Plus here's a video of his IG in action:

If anything, I think the best way to pull off an IG-11 costume is to make a mechanical doll of the character and have a puppeteer work him from the back. What are the odds that he ends up like C-3PO in Empire Strikes Back and the Mandalorian has to carry him around in a bag?

Taika Waititi is one of the most beloved figures in Hollywood right now, and everyone can't wait to see him in Star Wars. Albeit he's only providing the voice of IG-11, but he put so much fantastic personality into Korg from Thor: Ragnarok, that I'm sure he's found the same kind of handle when it comes to this bounty hunter droid.

We don't know exactly which episode we'll meet him, but you can catch IG-11 on The Mandalorian which debuts on Disney+ on Nov. 12.

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