15 Jan 2021 11:22 AM +00:00 UTC

The Mandalorian Actress Gina Carano Continues to Shame Her Critics on Twitter

Credit: Lucasfilm

The Mandalorian star Gina Carano seems to embody her character Cara Dune's carefree and badass persona even in real life but it also can't be denied that her strong personality and outspoken nature have gotten her into trouble over the last couple of months.

Carano has been on the receiving end of criticism for allegedly being transphobic, mocking mail-in votes and the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines, and just recently, her apparent "support" of the Capitol protests. Normally, Gina would directly fire back at her critics through her Twitter account but as of late, the former MMA fighter seems to be trying her best to keep her cool amid the growing backlash she's been dealing with.

In her latest Twitter update, Gina is once again sticking it to her detractors, basically telling everyone that she can't be silenced on her own platform. She wrote: "You cannot silence, mute or censor the spirit. It does not ask anyone or anything for permission to exist."

Carano can't seem to catch a break but I guess she's gotten so used to being overly criticized that she's finally embraced the fact that she'll never be everyone's cup of tea. I do hope though that some fans, especially the "Twitter police" will take it easy on her because it's hard to live in a world filled with anger and negativity.

Meanwhile, episodes of The Mandalorian are available on Disney+.

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