The Magic Continues in Marvel Contest of Champions With Doctor Voodoo

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Marvel Contest of Champions players can look forward to the Arcane Arena for a new challenge, where Summoners are invited to face off against the Mystics.

During this time, they may be approached by Doctor Strange to collaborate with the investigation of the threat of Thanos.


This is also where Doctor Voodoo steps in, as his movesets and powers are compelling enough to make him a good addition to the roster.

Speaking to Marvel, Kabam Art Director Gabriel Frizzera and Character Designer Simon Cameron touched on what exactly Doctor Strange will bring to the game.

"Jericho Drumm, aka Doctor Voodoo, is one of the most powerful mystics of a very unique tradition. His powers reach the inscrutable frontiers of life and death, territories where many mystics are afraid or incapable to tread. He is an invaluable part of the Sorcerer's Conclave summoned by Doctor Strange."

One of Doctor Voodoo's abilities is Brother Daniel, which can either increase his Ability Accuracy and Buff Duration or decrease his opponent's Ability Accuracy and Buff Duration. This can be accessed when using the combo counter for every trigger from the Special Attack.


His three other powers, Spirit Venom, Power Burn, and Power Steal have varied abilities. The Spirit Venom is useful for nullifying buffs, but is limited by the presence of buffs. The latter two can be treated as extensions of Brother Daniel. Power Burn extends the effects on Doctor Voodoo, while Power Steal amplifies the debuff effects against the opponent.

Because of these effects, Doctor Voodoo can actually have the advantage in several occasions, provided that the player is able to strategically make use of Brother Daniel and Spirit Venom with the right timing.

Doctor Voodoo was made available early on via the Marvel Insider. Players who have missed this can still get him. As usual, fans can look forward to in-game messages and arena announcements on how to get Doctor Voodoo in Marvel Contest of Champions.

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