The Walking Dead's Carl Death Hinted Then Debunked

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A lot of hints seem to point to the departure of one of the mainstays. Carl, played by Chandler Riggs, seems to be at the center of new rumors that he may be the next to die in The Walking Dead.

Previously, this was hinted by his father William Riggs, who took to Facebook to thank AMC for the seven-year contract. He also announced that the contract has been completed and that he was grateful for everyone involved in the post-apocalyptic series.

This was amplified by Riggs' own announcement that he was recently accepted into Auburn University.


As fans exploded on the issue, some voicing their support, while others obviously feeling that it was not yet time to lose the one-eyed charmer of the series.

To quell down the buzz, Riggs' mother, Gina Ann Riggs, had also gone on to social media to try and give some fans peace of mind. She says in one of the comments section:

"Don't over-analyze. His seven-year contract is up. That's all he was saying, nothing else. Pretty big accomplishment for a child actor (and for the parent who had to quit his job for this child to be able to follow his dream)."

Riggs is not the only one facing a completed contract. According to MoviePilot, there are other actors who have seen the end of their contracts, but have renewed, such as Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus--I guess we won't be saying goodbye to Daryl even with his prisoner of war stint with The Saviors.

Of course, it's a different issue when you look back at how The Walking Dead's season 7 has been. Apart from the polarizing premiere episode and almost promising second, the show has seen an unbelievable plummet. And it's not just in the storyline, but in the actual number of viewers.

Perhaps more than the death of the mainstays, a better question would be whether or not The Walking Dead's showrunners can keep it running with the same quality as before.

The Walking Dead airs every Sundays on AMC.

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