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The Little Mermaid Set Photos Offer First Intriguing Look at Halle Bailey's Ariel

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Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Disney's live-action reimagining of timeless fairytale classics has been hit-or-miss over the years but despite that, it's quite evident that the House of Mouse is far from done producing such projects. After Maleficent, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin, the production company is set to unveil the live-action version of arguably one of the most iconic Disney princesses in The Little Mermaid.

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Credit: Disney

Out of all the live-action fairytale films they have released so far, The Little Mermaid looks the most intriguing as it will not be faithful (aesthetic-wise, at least) to the 1989 animated classic. The casting of black actress Halle Bailey in the role of Arial drew mostly negative reactions from fans as a lot of them believe that Arial's live-action counterpart should at least resemble its cartoon version.

Despite the backlash, Disney is still pushing through with the project and just this week, several set images have surfaced online which offers us our first look at Bailey as the titular character. It's a far cry from the typical Arial look we're all used to seeing. For starters, it doesn't look like she'll be wearing Arial's signature clamshell bikini top but will instead don a wetsuit. As for her mermaid tail, the production team will use some CGI magic for obvious reasons. Check out the images here.

But before anyone raises their eyebrows, there's a huge possibility that the said set photos were taken during rehearsals for the film, and for all we know, Arial's actual costume may end up looking faithful to its source material. The best thing we can do for now is to reserve our judgment and just wait for the actual film to drop.

No official release date has been announced for The Little Mermaid.

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