The Lion King: Both Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner Cropped Each Other Out of Their Photo with Beyonce

Though Jon Favreau's The Lion King was not received well critically, the film is still doing bonkers numbers at the box office. The main comic relief of the movie, Timon and Pumbaa, are voiced by Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen. And what's funny is that the two have gotten into some shenanigans when it came to their photo op with co-star Beyonce.

As it turns out, both Eichner and Rogen had cropped each other out of their photo with Beyonce. Rogen retweeted:

Eichner also saw the retweet and replied with, "We did what needed to be done. Proud of us both."

When it came to casting, a lot of people thought that Rogen and Eichner were actually great choices. For one, Rogen is best known for his stoner-genre films, and Timon and Pumbaa are basically the jobless stoners of The Lion King with no responsibilities. As for Eichner, the film didn't really use any of his signature humor, but he did prove himself to have a fantastic singing voice.

If anything, I didn't think The Lion King was too bad. It was exactly what the original movie was, without the needless expansions like Aladdin. If I had any gripe, it was the change in Scar's Be Prepared sequence. Plus everyone else was right when they said that the real-life animals couldn't emote so well as their animated counterparts.

You can check out Jon Favreau's The Lion King, now in theaters.

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