Mulan Co-Director Throws Shade at the Lion King Remake

Though Jon Favreau's The Lion King is making a lot of bank in the box office, it has admittedly not been getting a lot of praise from critics—much like the other Disney remakes. The latest to throw shade at the movie though is Mulan co-director and Disney vet Tony Bancroft, who says that he walked out of the movie underwhelmed.

This was his post:

What's interesting is, Bancroft himself was an animator in the original Lion King, and he was supervising animator for Pumbaa. He was also the guy behind The Emperor's New Groove's Kronk and did animation for Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast as well.

As an animator, I guess I can understand why Bancroft wouldn't be so thrilled with this live-action remake. If there's one common criticism for the film, it's that the photorealistic lions can't "act" and the way they emote onscreen pales in comparison to their animated counterparts in the original. I'd imagine Bancroft would be on the side which values what animation brings to the table better than any other medium.

When it comes to these Disney remakes, they're kind of a no-win situation for Disney—at least critic-wise. When things get changed up, people complain, and when things stay the same, people still complain. One thing's for sure though, people will still pay to see these films, and that's why Disney keeps making them.

Jon Favreau's The Lion King is now out in theaters.

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