The Last of Us Video Game Artist Slams DC’s New Casting Tactic

Everybody knows that no matter how versatile an actor is, physical and voice acting are two completely different skills to hone. This is what senior artist Del Walker from The Last of Us points out upon criticizing James Gunn’s new casting tactic for the DC Universe. See, one of Gunn’s goals is to have the animation world tied to the live-action and to do that, the DC Studios co-CEO wants to hire the same actors for both roles.

The Naughty Dog video game artist took to Twitter his sentiment regarding DC’s issue on how they treat their talent despite the new Chapter 1 slate’s promising future. While the tweets were rendered privately, here’s what Walker had to say about James Gunn’s plan (via

“These writers and voice actors do 100 versions of everything.” Walker posted, “They are in the booth doing 600 lines of dialogue just to end up with 20 of the best in the game. You think you’re going to get Robert Pattinson to outwork a VA actor? And for a budget that makes sense? Good luck.”

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Walker continued on to compare how Tara Strong (who voiced multiple animated characters including Miss Minutes from Loki and Raven in Teen Titans Go!) could never be replaceable just for the sake of DC maintaining their continuity.

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Gunn revealed that for the new DC Universe to work, especially with the production of Creature Commandos Season 1 opening the new slate, they would have to cast actors who are “able” to play the characters in multiple mediums, including animation and video games.

While this new casting decision could change over time as they go deep into production, it is difficult to steer away from Walker’s comment, especially since DCU is hanging on a thread. We’ll have to wait on James Gunn’s response to this potential setback.

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