The Last of Us Transgender Character Teases Potential Season 2 Appearance

WARNING: If you haven’t played or watched The Last of Us Part II gameplay, this article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for The Last of Us Season 2. Read at your own risk!

The Last of Us has been nothing short when it comes to providing queer stories that elaborated what was included in the Naughty Dog video game. The Last of Us Episode 3 proved to be one of the most heart wrenching love stories between Bill and Frank, and now the HBO series could potentially expand its LGBTQ+ characters with the addition of Lev, a transgender character who appeared in The Last of Us Part II.

The Last of Us has just received its Season 2 renewal at HBO ahead of the series’ finale episode for Season 1, and in doing so, sparked a potential debut of one of the most unforgettable new characters in the video game’s Part II. Ian Alexander, who voiced Lev in the video game, shared with Insider that they are interested in reprising their role in the HBO series! Check out their full quote below:

“My fingers are crossed that I get to reprise my role as Lev,” Alexander said, adding that he is beyond “grateful” to be a part of the Naughty Dog franchise.

Lev in The Last of Us Part II
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Lev in The Last of Us Part II

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The Lev actor also happens to be transgender, making him all the more perfect for the role, and besides, casting Alexander in The Last of Us Season 2 would be one of the greatest things the series could do, seeing as he even resembles the video game character he plays, and would be representing the character themself.

Abby and Yara in The Last of Us Part II
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Abby and Yara in The Last of Us Part II

In lieu of this, Lev’s sister in the game, Yara, who is portrayed by fellow actor Victoria Grace, is also on board to become a part of The Last of Us Season 2! Grace said it would be a “dream come true” to play Yara once again, this time, in the HBO adaptation (via Total Film). Now, here lies the question on whether showrunners Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin would give the actors a call to bring in for The Last of Us Season 2.

For now, The Last of Us Episode 4 is now available to stream on HBO Max.

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