The Last of Us Co-Creator Confirms Several Characters for the HBO Adaptation

There's a lot of excitement for HBO's The Last of Us series since it's a video game story that would actually fit in the medium of television and will be written by one of the Chernobyl writers, not to mention its stellar presentation and fairly unoriginal story. We still don't have a proper release date and the cast has yet to be announced but the series was just revealed so it's going to take a while. All of us know that Joel and Ellie will be the show's stars but Naughty Dog Vice President Beil Druckmann confirmed more characters.

On Twitter, when sharing HBO's video about International Women's Day, Druckmann said that the channel will soon be able to add some of the game's strong female characters. Druckmann then proceeded to name pretty much every female character in the first game, before also giving a censored name.

Ellie was always given, as was Tess, who is Joel's first partner in the game. Riley is pretty surprising since she was Ellie's love interest in the game's Left Behind DLC, which established these characters as lesbians.

It's worth noting that Naughty Dog announced an unknown character that acclaimed actress Laura Bailey would be voicing in The Last of Us Part II. Could these unknown characters be the same? Does this mean HBO's series will also include the upcoming sequel? The show won't be coming out for a few years so they could actually incorporate elements from the sequel.

No release date for HBO's The Last of Us has been announced. The Last of Us Part II will be coming out on May 29.

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