The Last Airbender Actor Cast in Netflix's Adaptation of Avatar

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After the widely reviled The Last Airbender movie from M. Night Shymalan, Netflix has decided to give a live-action adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender another go. Rumor has it that the show is set to start shooting next month, and an actor from Shymalan's Airbender reveals that he's been cast in the series.

Actor George DeNoto has revealed that he would be playing a role in the upcoming Last Airbender series. He posts:

If you're wondering who DeNoto played, he was credited as ‘Teahouse Child', a Fire Nation kid who was asked by a disguised Zuko to tell the story of his exile. If anything, he doesn't really have anything to apologize for, seeing as he was just a small kid when that film came out. I guess we should be happy that he's enthusiastic about the show?

We don't know who DeNoto is playing in the show yet, but some are guessing that he could be playing the part of Freedom Fighter Jet. He looks like he could play the part, but then again, I'm just guessing. For now, Jet is the only one of the characters who seem not to have a chosen ethnicity. I'm sure the series would want to cast Zuko with a Japanese actor and Katara and Sokka with actors of Inuit descent.


While we haven't gotten any big updates, a lot of people are excited for Netflix to adapt Airbender the right way. Hopefully, with the involvement of original creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino, we get something closer to the beloved animated series.

No release date has been announced for Netflix's Avatar: The Last Airbender adaptation.

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