Here's When Netflix's Avatar: The Last Airbender Will Start Production

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It's been almost fifteen years since Avatar: The Last Airbender premiered on Nickelodeon, and fans are highly-anticipating for Netflix's live-action adaptation of this thought-provoking series. Although we haven't heard much about Avatar from the streaming giant, now we know that the series will start production soon after the new year arrives .

Recently, Avatar fans got an update thanks to the World Crafts Chitchat Podcast as the show featured Jessie Flower in their episode. The actress, who's well-known as the voice of Toph, talked about her time with the franchise, and before the episode ended, she revealed that Netflix's Avatar was set to begin production in early 2020. Flower said that she thinks production for the show will start in February 2020 or sometime in early 2020.


Here's a fan poster of Netflix's Avatar:

Netflix hasn't made any casting announcements yet but Flower said that the characters will be age-approrpriate, and we expect that Netflix's adaptation will be much better than M. Night Shymalan's 2010 movie adaptation of the series.

Originally created by Bryan Konietzko and Michael DiMartino for Nickolodeon in 2005, the series is set in the world where people can control the elements of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water, and they lived peacefully in various regions until one of the regions ignited a world war. A master who can manipulate all four elements called the "Avatar" had been able to prevent this war, but disappeared before. 100 years later, a new Avatar named Aang goes on a journey to master all the elements in order to bring peace to the world once more.

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