The King's Affection Episode 18 Release Date And Time, Preview

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KBS2’s The King’s Affection is still dominating the evening time slot as it ranks on top among the Kdramas, airing every Monday and Tuesday.

The King's Affection Episode 17 records an average nationwide viewership rating of 8.4%. This was a slight decrease in ratings compared to the previous episode’s 8.8%.

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Here is what happened in The King's Affection Episode 17 and what viewers will expect in Episode 18.


The King’s Affection Episode 17 Recap

The King’s Affection Episode 17 sees Commander Jung saving the lives of Hwi and Ji Un when assassins attacked them on their way back to the palace after visiting Officer Yoon’s grave. Ji Un’s father is aware of the truth that the King is a woman, but his primary concern is his son’s safety.

On the other hand, Ga On continues to find out what killed the late king and who is in charge of the murder of the physician. He saw someone familiar while he was out in the marketplace.

Rumors started to circulate amongst the palace staff about the King and Ji Un’s late-night rendezvouses in the palace. The Queen also catches up that something intimate is going on between the two, especially since the King refuses to sleep with her.

Commander Jung takes matters into his own hands to protect Ji Un. He arranges the marriage of Ji Un to So Eun so that the rumors will end.

His father convinced Ji Un to wed so the King’s life would be saved. As Commander Jung is now aware of the fact that the king is a woman, killing her will not be considered treason.

The King finds out about the forthcoming wedding and stops Ji Un. The latter says he decided to get married and leave the capital so that the King would live a long life.

Meanwhile, Commander Jung kills Lord Changun to bury the King’s secret.


The King’s Affection Episode 18 Release Date And Time

The King’s Affection Episode 18 was already aired on Monday, December 6, 2021, at 9:30 PM KST. The KBS2 series releases new episodes every Monday and Tuesday.

The Kdrama is also available for online streaming on Netflix hours after its original network release. English subtitles for The King’s Affection are also provided for each episode.

The King’s Affection Episode 18 Preview

The King’s Affection Episode 18 preview sees Lee Hyun enraged because Ji Un decided to leave the King. It also seems that Hwi had an emotional conversation with the Queen as they are seen embracing each other.

On the other hand, Prince Won San shared the truth about the King being a woman to Lord Sangheon. The revelation seems to have temporarily shocked him but proceeds to threaten Hwi’s life.

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