06 Nov 2017 10:25 AM +00:00 UTC

The Justice League Stars Would Love Doing A Crossover With The Avengers

DC and Marvel fans might be busy trying to prove how one franchise beats the other, but it seems like the Justice League cast is open to mixing things up and crossing over with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The DC Extended Universe superhero team-up movie is a couple of weeks away from its release, and Warner Bros. has been doing the promotional circuit making sure that fans don't miss Justice League. During a new interview with Channel News Asia, the Justice League stars were asked about their thoughts on the DC-Marvel rivalry and whether they'd like to do a little crossover with the Avengers.

Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, and Jason Momoa are definitely thrilled by the idea, the Dothraki Horse Lord imagining conversations Aquaman might have with Chris Hemsworth's Thor or Mark Ruffalo's Hulk.

"I would love to be [in a crossover,]Hell yeah! I mean like, Hemsworth, I love him. It's like, to be next to Thor, or to be next to the Hulk. It's like ‘oh, I'm going to take you out on the water and drown your ass.'"


The Justice League star's enthusiasm isn't entirely surprising. Crossovers have been done in the comics before, and they would certainly shake up the comic book movie scene.

However, while it might be an exciting to see Batman and Iron Man throwing lines at each other on the big screen, the possibility of a crossover might seem very slim, seeing how the DCEU and MCU differ so much from each other. Guess we'll just have to see.

Justice League makes its big debut next week on November 17, 2017.

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