The JOJOLands Volume 1 Cover Art Divides Fans

The JOJOLands Volume 1 Cover
Credit: Hirohiko Araki / Shueisha

The JOJOLands Volume 1 Cover
Credit: Hirohiko Araki / Shueisha

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fans are no doubt enjoying the manga’s latest entry, though the newly released The JOJOLands Volume 1 cover art has divided many fans over its design.

Recently, it was announced that The JOJOLands is finally available now following its debut earlier this year. Though before the announcement, the volume’s cover was shared.

The new cover definitely fits the style of Hirohiko Araki’s work, but some fans were hoping that it could’ve been more dynamic, especially considering how exciting the manga is.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 9 Has Its First Volume Release

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure went on the longest gap between parts yet after the end of JoJolion. Usually, fans only need to wait a bit less than a year before a new part gets released.

That wasn’t the case with Part 9 though, as it took Araki around a year and a half before Part 9: The JOJOLands was released.

This latest JoJo part debuted in February in Shueisha’s Ultra Jump magazine, and it quickly got attention from fans thanks to its interesting cast.

Praise was also given to the series’ trans representation via Dragona Joestar.

As the series has a monthly release schedule, it took a bit of time before enough chapters came out for a volume release.

Finally, though, the time has come as the manga’s first volume is now available in Japan.

This new volume was released only today, but last week, the cover art was shared online, which not all fans were happy with.

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Fans Are Divided Over The JOJOLands Volume 1’s Official Cover

There are no complaints about Araki’s art in The JOJOLands chapters, though some fans did not like the series’ first volume cover.

Style-wise, the cover is a great fit for the manga, but some believe that protagonist Jodio’s pose is too similar to his previous character art. Some also think the artwork looks a bit too plain.

Meanwhile, others joked about Jodio’s pose, with some making references to various memes with a similar pose.

Of course, some fans defended the artwork, with them praising Jodio's style and the colors used in the visual.

Whatever fans may think of the art, what can be said for certain is that fans in Japan can finally get their hands on the volume today.

Fans outside of Japan aren’t as lucky though, as there’s no word yet on English release plans.

Given that Steel Ball Run and JoJolion have yet to get official English releases, we’ll probably need to wait much longer before The JOJOLands is released.

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