The Incredibles 2 Director Brad Bird Teases Potential Star Wars Project

Lucasfilm has a lot planned for its galaxy far, far away. Not only is the studio working to bring new trilogies to the franchise, it's also planning new spinoffs and new live-action series. With so many projects lined up it makes sense that filmmakers have started expressing interest in working with the studio.

That includes The Incredibles 2 director Brad Bird. The filmmaker just recently went on an interview with Fandango to speak about superhero movies and future sequels to The Incredibles. During his discussion with the publication, Bird was asked about potentially working on a new film for everyone's favorite galaxy far, far away.

Bird's already known Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy for quite some time, as well as Star Wars creator George Lucas. According to the director, if he had a pitch for Lucasfilm, he wouldn't be afraid to give the studio a call.

"Well, I've known [Lucasfilm President] Kathy Kennedy a long time," Bird told the publication. "And I've known George [Lucas] quite a while too. And certainly, that's a very fun universe and if I could think of something that would be perfect for that I would give Kathy a call, absolutely. They've sort of said if I have any notion that would fit in that universe to please contact them."

Luckily, it seems like Bird has a lot of ideas bubbling up inside him.

"I mean, I saw Kathy a week ago 'cause they were mixing Solo down the hall from us up here. So, I wouldn't rule that out. But I also have a lot of other ideas I'm very anxious to do," the director said.

For those who aren't familiar with Bird, the director is known for his animated movies like The Iron Giant, the first Incredibles, and the upcoming Incredibles 2. Though his live-action movie Tomorrowland ended up flopping at the box office, it'd be interesting if Bird directed an animated movie for Lucasfilm. Let's just wait and see what happens.

Lucasfilm's latest movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story is currently screening in cinemas.

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