The Good Place Spinoff: Will A Reboot, Sequel Happen? She-Hulk’s Jameela Jamil Weighs In

Credit: IGN/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: IGN/YouTube Screenshot

Jameela Jamil talks about the possibility of having The Good Place spinoff two years after the show ended. With that said, will fans see the She-Hulk star as Tahani again?

The talks about The Good Place spinoff continue, but nothing has come to fruition yet. So, will the show return to the small screen again, or have the viewers already seen the end of it?

The Future of The Good Place Spinoff

In an interview with AV Club, Jamil was asked if she ever thought The Good Place would get a spinoff or a sequel.

"I don't think Mike Schur ever would, but I - along with all of our fans - wish that that would be so," she said. "I do think we ended at the right time, but my goodness… I mean, Tahani's really the only survivor, so let's just call it a spinoff and call it a day."

Talking about her role in a different talk with Woman's Day back in 2020, she said her role as the first human architect Tahani Al-Jami would stay there "forever and ever" after the series ended.

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However, just like her answer today, she didn't think it would be a good plot for a spinoff as Schur might have no plans to revisit the series.

"Oh, I'd totally consider it, but it's definitely a joke," she said. "That's not a possibility. There's no way Mike's continuing on with the story. It's just my wishful thinking, that's all."

The Hindrances that Come with Doing The Good Place Spinoff

According to ScreenRant, there are a number of problems that hinder the making of The Good Place spinoff.

It's hard to feature the same cast again, knowing many of the leads have already met their demise.

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Sure, their stories can be rewritten with the "many different levels of the afterlife" shown before, but it also has to be considered that the cast members are also busy doing other projects.

Manny Jacinto just signed on to be part of the upcoming Star Wars series The Acolyte. William Jackson Harper, Kristen Bell, ad D'Arcy Carden are also busy working on the series The Resort, The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window, and A League of Their Own, respectively.

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Jamil also has She-Hulk and Pitch Perfect TV series. So, there may be no chance for The Good Place spinoff to be done today.

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